Download Earth's Special Forces

Earth's Special Forces v1.2.3 Full (stable)
Beta 1.2.3 (our latest stable release) currently has the largest player base out of all of the publicly release versions.

Download ESF v1.2.3:

Earth's Special Forces Open Beta Final (Unstable)
The Open Beta(Beta 1.3) is the last public release of ESF. This build is a snapshot of the inteam and contains many bugs and unfinished features.

Download ESF: Open Beta Final:

Earth's Special Forces Beta v1.1 (Reversed Pack)
The Beta 1.1 Reveresed Pack extends the old beta 1.1 so that it may be played with Steam.


  • ESF dev team for the beta.
  • "Me" (a.k.a Rick) for the bots (v 3.1)
  • CS-LAND for the steampatch (v 2.0)

Download ESF v1.1 Reversed Pack: