Two months later - Day/Night Cycle & Explosions


 Well, well. It's been a while since our last official news post, but hopefully you all have been checking the ESF site on a weekly basis. Most of the recent updates have been given out as pictures of the week (POTW).

Tonight the team has a couple videos to share. The first is a quick 30 second video that shows the dynamic shadows, night/day cycle, and other shaders that Ryokeen has been working on. The second video shows a comparison between ESF Beta 1.2.3 explosions and the new ESF: Final explosions that Dalte has been working on.

For demonstration purposes the day/night cycle time was set to 1 minute; 30 second for sunrise to sunset. The option for the day/night cycle is configurable by map creators and can be set to a fixed time.

here are a few different sized explosions that show depending upon which attack is fired. The dust from the explosions can be a handy tool for distracting opponents while trying to make an escape or while trying to mask an approach.