Development Update


Many people have been asking for periodic updates on development to get a little insight on what is going on at the moment. Well today you get your wish. I have asked the team what they are working on and here are the responses I got.

Mastasurf is working on animating Frieza's second form and putting the finishing touches on esf_roshi. Hopefully Frieza will be done soon and we can start using him in POTW's

Ryokeen is working on a new cloud system (Now that he's mostly done with grass) which should work towards adding random weather effects to the game or at least making it look cool when the dragon is summoned.

This video shows the new clouds and some grass in action

Dalte has been doing a bunch of stuff. He's working on some melee effects with Darktooth such as Trunks' throw and some bonus tweaks. He's also been working on Goku's level one bonus and effects for world collisions since Raven implemented them recently. Finally he's also adding slide effects for the ground.

Darktooth is working on animations for Trunks

Karrde has been steadily plodding away at cleaning up and normalising sound files and only has Captain Ginyu left!

Grega is helping me with a project I have going (more on that soon) with the help of Dalte

Raven has been very busy working on multiple bug fixes. He has also been adapting the melee code to work with PhysX and working on our new weapon system which will make things easier by creating one general weapon that can be configured to almost any other.

What this means is if there is a bug in one weapon it's in them all, but it also means if that bug is fixed in one weapon they are all fixed.

Raven is also working on a secret project with Avatar but they're not ready to talk about that just yet.

Hope this satisfies your curiosity for now and hope you enjoyed a peek behind the curtain.

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See yu next time