Sick of waiting for ESF:F to come out? Want to help speed up the process? Well here's how you can help

Are you a skilled modeler or know someone else who is? Well contact us on our team speak server and ask how you can help.

We are mostly looking for people who can help work on our remaining characters. This will require creating a character model, building UV maps and fully texturing the model.

Please provide some samples of your work and be prepared to take on a project from start to finish. Please do not contact us if you are not prepared to follow through and complete your set task. It costs the development team time to train new artists on ESF's custom systems setting us furthur behind.

We are also looking for environment modelers (Mappers), Object modelers (To make the maps more lively) and Music Composers.

Team Speak can be downloaded from here

Our Team Speak server is you will normally find somebody from the team idling there. Raven and Mastasurf are the best people to contact.

We hope to hear from you soon.


Hi All,

Are you looking for a way to help the community? Well we have the job for you!

We are looking for three forum moderators preferably from different time zones.

What you'll need

  • Be responsible
  • Be able to dedicate several hours a week to the forum
  • Be willing to warn/ban people you know
  • Able to make decisions on your own without admins

How do you apply?

Simply post in this thread

Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with some of you on the forum


Earths Special Forces has made it into the Top 100 in this years Mod Of The Year!

Thanks to everyone who has voted for us.

For those that haven't voted and want to head over to our ModDB Page and click the big green button.

Thank you all for your support