ESF_Cell_Games has received a small facelift and some bug fixes. The original version had holes in the mesh that would cause players to fly out of the play area. The holes have been patched and the terrain smoothed out. Also, thanks to Ryo, the blend and texture UVs have been split into separate channels which makes it much easier to work out distortion in the textures.

Hi Guys, Sorry for the silence. Hopfully this will make up for it.

Here's what's been going on lately.

Mastasurf has added some animated buoys, an animated boat and a blimp to the Roshi Island map

Ryo has updated the grass shader

Darktooth is close to finishing his animation library which will speed up animating the remaining models

Dalte has updated a bunch of the beam fx

Raven, Ryo, and Andy held a coding session 2 weeks ago and fixed the map change / map restart crash bug so hopefully now we can change maps with no problems

See you guys soon