Well, well. It's been a while since our last official news post, but hopefully you all have been checking the ESF site on a weekly basis. Most of the recent updates have been given out as pictures of the week (POTW).

Tonight the team has a couple videos to share. The first is a quick 30 second video that shows the dynamic shadows, night/day cycle, and other shaders that Ryokeen has been working on. The second video shows a comparison between ESF Beta 1.2.3 explosions and the new ESF: Final explosions that Dalte has been working on.

For demonstration purposes the day/night cycle time was set to 1 minute; 30 second for sunrise to sunset. The option for the day/night cycle is configurable by map creators and can be set to a fixed time.

here are a few different sized explosions that show depending upon which attack is fired. The dust from the explosions can be a handy tool for distracting opponents while trying to make an escape or while trying to mask an approach. 


 As a follow-up to last week's playtest videos Dalte has recorded some footage that shows off melee combinations that he and Darktooth have been working on. The footage has been taken from our latest internal build. This is not meant to represent the final build of ESF:F.

Also, a couple quick notes about the video

  • Holding a direction during combo melee changes the angle at which the opponent is pushed back
  • There are special moves that can be triggered by changing direction at the correct time. These are visual only
  • ESF supports multiple HUDs; the video shows one of them
  • The Vegeta head that pops up in the HUD is temporary 


 For the past few weeks Ryokeen has been hard at work adding and optimizing shaders for ESF. One of the latest additions is a wave generator. The new shader gives ESF environment artists the option to add ocean like water to maps.

During initial tests the ocean shader has shown a performance increase over the older "flat" water shader. The system uses a grid of approximately 50K polygons to generate the waves. This can be reduced to meet the performance requirements of lower-end machines. Also, the system implements a level of detail system that increases the amount of detail a player sees the closer they get to the water.

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