Every year ModDB hosts the Mod of the Year (MOTY) competition, where the fans and ModDB editors get to choose the best mods in several categories.

Like the previous year, Earth's Special Forces took part in the 'Upcoming Mods' category and with the support from our fans, we managed to achieve Top 5 MOTY Players Choice for Best Upcoming Mod.

To show our gratitude for all your support in the competition, Dalte has been creating a Trailer for New Years. Today we would like to show you a teaser of what's to come on New Years day. 



It's time again for ModDB's Mod of the Year competition.

ESF has done fairly well in the past and with your support I think that we can do well again. So, please show your support visiting our ModDB profile and voting. 

Vote For ESF!

You can find Earth's Special Forces under UPCOMING MODS OF 2012 in the top 100.

At long last the new Goku model is ready for action. Renders will be ready to go once the texture for the hair is complete. In the mean time here are a couple action shots of Goku fighting with Vegeta. 


In an effort to speed up the release of ESF:F the team is giving the community an opportunity to pitch in. The source files for ESF_Buu have been posted in a new forum section called "Help Finish ESF Final". If you're interested in helping out you can check out the thread here. Even pitching in with something as small as a texture or environment prop will help.

Dalte and Darktooth have been working on completing animations and FX for Trunks. Earlier this week they worked on one of his bonus melee attacks and came up with this bad ass little combo.